Daniele Sopressata is made from premium pork and natural spices

This dry-sausage is one of our more popular item - with good reason.

Made from premium pork, our Sopressata contains no fillers or additives. Coarsely ground, flavored with all-natural spices and then hung to dry, our Sopressata is a treat to be shared with your family and friends.

Sopressata Calabrese from Daniele is inspired by traditions of Southern Italy

Sopressata Calabrese

Inspired by the traditions of Southern Italy, our Sopressata Calabrese has a firm texture and decadent aroma. Available in hot or sweet, Sopressata Calabrese is the perfect addition to any sandwich or salad.

Sopressata Calabrese is available inboth hot and sweet varieties
Daniele's Sopressata Friuli will compliment and antipasto dish

Sopressata Friuli

Influenced by the Friuli region in Northeastern Italy, Sopressata Friuli has an exceptional authentic flavor that will ignite your taste buds. Available in hot or sweet, Sopressata Friuli will compliment any antipasto.

Look for Sopressata Friuli in both hot or sweet varieties at your local market
Sopressata Chub is perfect for slicing and cooking

Sopressata Chub

The perfect size for slicing and cooking, Sopressata Chubs deliver amazing flavor! For a gourmet treat, skip boring pepperoni and add hot or sweet Sopressata to your next pizza.

Hot or sweet Sopressata Chub from Daniele is a gourmet treat