Daniele Salame is dry-cured for up to 120 days

Our Salame is a feast of color, aroma and taste! We adhere to tried Italian traditions that include dry-curing for up to 120 days.

We never use inexpensive additives or fillers, such as non-fat dried milk or corn syrup. This traditional method ensures a mouth-watering experience in every bite.

Genoa Salame from Daniele is great for italian sandwiches

Genoa Salame

Zesty in flavor with a rich, red texture, our Genoa Salame is crafted using wine and fine select spices. Pair Genoa Salame with Muenster cheese in a grilled Panini for a gourmet treat.

Look for these packages of Genoa Salame from Daniele at your local store
Try Daniele Hard Salame with fresh tomato and basil

Hard Salame

A traditional dry-cured salame with smoke flavoring, spices and wine, our Hard Salame is delicious when served over a toasted baguette with fresh avocado, tomato and chopped basil

Hard Salame from Daniele
Hungarian Brand Salame from Daniele is a true celebration of Middle European traditions

Hungarian Brand Salame

Our Hungarian Salame is a very finely ground dry sausage with a light hickory-smoke aroma and flavor. This recipe, which came from Hungary, via Austria, to Italy, represents a true celebration of Middle European traditions. Enjoy it sliced with a glass of wine.

Enjoy Hungarian Brand Salame sliced with a glass of wine
Delicious and all natural Salame Naturale from Daniele

Salame Naturale

Delicious and all-natural, our Salame Naturale line comes in four varieties: Black Pepper, Wine, Chorizo and Herb. No matter which you choose, all pair perfectly with cheese, wine and good friends.

Daniele's Salame Naturale comes in four varieties: Black Papper, Wine, Chorizo and Herb
Dry Sausage from Daniele is a high protein, low carb snack

Dry Sausage

Our Dry Sausage combines firm textures and full flavor with a rustic appeal. Try it diced in your salad or enjoy it alone as a high protein, low carb snack.

Dry Sausage from Daniele Charcuterie offers rustic appeal
 Abruzzese dry sausage originated in the Abruzzi region of Italy


Abruzzese is a dry sausage originally from the Abruzzi region of Italy. We use medium-ground choice pork and select spices to create an old-world classic, bursting with flavor. Perfect for cooking, Abruzzese is available in hot and sweet.

Perfect for cooking, Abruzzese is available in hot and sweet varieties from Daniele