Del Duca® Prosciutto

Del Duca Prosciutto from Daniele Charcuterie

MADE IN THE USA. Each Del Duca® Prosciutto is prepared in the United States using the ancient European tradition of dry-curing, making for a truly mouth-watering experience.

After applying sea salt, our Del Duca® Prosciuttos are aged for a minimum of nine months. Our experts inspect each Del Duca® Prosciutto individually to determine when they have reached perfection. The process is lengthy but it ensures that every slice has a consistently sweet - never salty - flavor.

Del Duca Prosciutto pairs nicely with fresh pear

Del Duca® Prosciutto

MADE IN THE USA. Our classic, most popular Del Duca® Prosciutto has a creamy texture and sweet flavor. Drape delicious slices of Del Duca® Prosciutto over melon, and sprinkle with fresh julienne basil for a refreshing treat

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Del Duca Jamon Serrano is an excellent tapas

Del Duca® Jamòn Serrano

MADE IN THE USA. Prepared by hand, this Spanish-Style dry-cured ham is excellent with tapas, cheese and olives.

Del Duca Jamon Serrano can be found at your local grocery and specialty stores
Del Duca Vlado's Riserva is twice as tasty as most domestic prosciuttos

Del Duca® Vlado's Riserva

MADE IN THE USA. Named after Daniele, Inc.'s owner, Del Duca® Vlado's Riserva is a uniquely crafted dry-cured ham, aged a minimum of one year for the best taste. Only the finest hams are hand-selected for this Del Duca® Prosciutto, which is almost twice the size of most domestic prosciuttos. It is also twice as tasty.

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